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Meet The Toads UPDATE

2016-09-18 19:55:13 by 4evo

So far i have only a few voice actors so i might need some more and a change im making is that its gonna be a short video around 6 mins or so and there may not be a full series and im focusing on an original series for late 2016 and it may have 5 voice actors (guest voice actors for some episodes) so


Meet the toads Shortened to 1 6 min episode

New series im mainly focusing

This is dianolm update

2016-04-24 23:22:26 by 4evo

I am now making storyboards for episode 1 but awaits voice actors


2016-03-21 14:26:30 by 4evo

New project

Splatoon comic & possible series

I may make a 1 year splatoon animation with weirdness thrown in

Im hoping to release it around may 28 or soon


Also the pokemon animation voice actor is still going on i just need a few more

New pokemon series This is Dianolm

2016-02-03 00:11:09 by 4evo

(How its pronounced Die-An-Olm)

Its probably gonna come out in late 2016 or 2017

and i have made a voice actor audition in the Voice actor forums be sure to look for it if you wanna be apart of the series

EDIT Vote on what the genre should be


EDIT 2 3/8/16

I forgot to mention its not just pokemon saying names or noises 

Its full english voice acting 



It will be comedy based on the only 2 votes for comedy on the poll and 1 for anthology

Once i got all the voice actors i want i willbegin making the script & some animation



i have them all down in a notepad file


pit80 as Emolga


neoslayre  as Oshawott


zeglo as treecko


Billybean VA as snivy, torchic and shaymin